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About to head to the hospital to get the stuff for my test. If I end up having high cortisol levels, then that will explain my sudden rapid weight gain, inability to lose weight, my severe acne breakouts, and my sever stretch marks.

Heres to hoping they’re actually high so I have some answers and some treatment.

Stretch marks



I’m slowly learning to accept them, I know they will eventually turn silver and flatten out but I still need to grasp that they will forever be part of me, and at the moment that terrifies me.


Yesterday I figured out that I have stretch marks on my ass, haha. Most people would think that’s gross or really bad, but I love them. They’re like really tiny tiger stripes haha (:

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33 weeks and 3 days. 

Side, front, and top view. 

Don’t complain about one or two stretch marks. Yeah. Look at my belly. 

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